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A must deck for every manifestor!

Success Affirmation Cards
Success Affirmation Cards
Success Affirmation Cards
Success Affirmation Cards

Success Affirmation Cards


Second Edition Sold out in September 2020.  Third Edition shipping or February 2021 (Approximately)

Third Edition: 45 affirmation cards for manifesting prosperity & success

Includes 188 page guidebook with manifesting lessons

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Learn while practicing

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Tired of manifestation courses and books not working?

I have invested in well over $1,500 in manifestation courses and books and have spent dozens of hours reading and studying manifesting until I realized I needed a simple and fun way to PRACTICE it. You can study how to swim or ride a bike, but unless you practice daily, you won't master it.

That is why I created the Manifest Prosperity & Success Affirmation Deck. I have compacted years of experience and everything I have learned from all the books and online courses into 44 affirmations and chore lessons. Each card includes a thorough lesson and explanation that you can put into practice each day.

Valued at over $1,500

Why get these cards?


These cards are really fun to use each day. No more having to read or study manifesting without seeing results. Practice is the fastest way to success.


The cards are easy to use. Just shuffle the deck and pull a card at random, then read the message inside the guidebook. Anyone can do it!


The lessons inside the guidebook are valued at over $1,500. I have combined years of experience and lessons from many online courses and books so you don't have to!

Save time

Using these cards only takes a few minutes a day, saving you hours of studying online courses and reading yet another book on the Law of Attraction or manifestation. I have already done that work for you!

Manifesting made EASY and FUN

No need to spend thousands of dollars and hours of learning with courses and books. These cards will inspire and motivate you. Use them as an oracle to get guidance from the Universe.


  • 45 affirmation cards for manifesting success (third edition has 1 new card!)
  • 400 gsm
  • Matte finish cards
  • Tarot size
  • Comes in magnetic box
  • Includes 190 page guidebook with a manifesting lesson for each card
  • 30 day prosperity workbook that includes 30 manifesting exercises (sold separately)
  • Use cards alone or with other decks like the Tarot or Oracle in your business/career/finance readings.
  • Black holographic edges





How do you know if you actually have them?

When I first started hearing about money blocks and limiting beliefs in 2016, I didn't think I had that. But after trying everything to earn more money in my new business, I felt stuck. So, I decided to dive into courses and books.

Then, something happened...

I had a massive breakthrough in my income, sales and online exposure. The only thing that I changed was what I was thinking and believing about myself and what was possible for me.

I realized I really did have limiting beliefs. I couldn't believe how much power my mind had over my reality. I became obsessed with reading books and buying courses. But when that book or course was finished, I felt something was missing.

That is why I created these cards.

I wanted to practice manifesting on a daily basis
with mini lessons. Whether I continued reading books or taking courses or not, I had something to use as a daily tool anytime I wanted.

These cards are more than just affirmations. This deck is filled with lessons and journal prompts to help you identify your money blocks and where you have been limiting yourself.

So are you ready to manifest success?!
Are you truly ready to do the work to get you where you've been dreaming of going?
​...Or even more?


This beautiful and thick guidebook is included with your affirmation cards and is the same size as the cards (tarot size).

2.75" x 4.75"


Perfect sister product to the affirmation cards. In addition to using affirmation cards, adding Law of Attraction exercises will help you amplify your manifesting skills.

Sold Separately

Sold Separately

  • Includes 30 manifesting exercises to help you turn manifesting into a daily habit and get clear on your goals​
  • Perfect to use with the affirmation deck for daily card pulls
  • Takes only a few minutes a day
  • Use in the morning & evening

My story:

Hi! I'm Deja and I am an artist who LOVES creating card decks & am also obsessed with manifesting.  In 2014 I quit my full-time job to raise my newborn son. I had to start from ZERO, I had no savings and no backup plan. In 2016 I started my new art business creating oracle cards for personal development. Aside from doing all the "things" to make my business grow, I noticed it was my mindset around money and success that had the biggest impact on my income. And the biggest secret behind manifesting is your mindset.

​I have seen it work time and time again for me in the most bizarre ways. I've manifested things that statistically were impossible with little to no effort. I've manifested 2 dream cars without having a job, a Macbook Air, moved into my dream apartment which had all the things I wanted and dreamed of when I barely made any money; high paying work clients out of the blue, and the list goes on and on.

I have read DOZENS of Law of Attraction books and even took courses on manifesting. I have applied everything I read and learned and took all the things that have worked for me and put it into this card deck and workbook. What I learned is that reading tons of LOA books wasn't enough. I had to retrain my brain to think differently. Just like reading fitness books won't get you fit, you have to do the work. I had to dig deep and find if I had any limiting beliefs, and boy did I! And that is when I KNEW that my mindset and beliefs were #1 behind my success.

Is this right for me?

I created these cards for the beginner and for the experienced manifestor who wants to practice manifesting daily. I also love using these cards as an oracle deck to get money or success guidance. If you've been wanting to manifest and don't have the time or money to invest in books or online courses, these cards are perfect for you! If you are not ready or willing to do daily practice, these cards are not right for you.

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Beautiful deck!
I love these!
Beautiful deck!

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