About me

Hi! I'm Deja and I'm the artist and creator behind Deja Drewit™

If you need more self-care or self-love in your life, I've got you covered!

If you've ever suffered from poor self-esteem, low self worth or even un-fulfillment from constantly putting other people first, I have too, and I am here to help.

I create personal development card decks to empower and uplift women. These cards are for anyone who is ready to up-level their life and self-worth. Each card deck addresses a different area of life and has a different intention. To add more self-care into your life try My Quality Time self-care activity deck. To boost your confidence try my Personal Power deck. I am also working on a deck to help motivate you to manifest success in your life. My decks are fun and easy to use. Simply shuffle and pull a card for the day. Read the guidebook for more information. I only create what I want to use myself, and I love pulling a daily self-care activity and an empowering message every morning to start my day.

I've been drawing since I can remember, which is about age 5. I graduated from School of Visual Arts and have been a graphic designer for the past 10+ years. You may have seen or even worn some of my shirt designs that have sold at Target, JC Penney, Nordstrom's, Kohl's Victoria's Secret, and more.

I was born in Russia and at age 8, moved to NYC with my family. It was a huge adjustment for me. I went from being a normal kid to being an alien who was bullied for years. This affected my self-esteem and self-worth. It made me be afraid of people, judgement and being in the public eye. Now that I am in my mid-thirties, I am finally facing all those fears and I want to help women do the same.

My mission is to help women feel confident, empowered and happy, because ultimately, I believe that is what everyone searches for, to be truly happy. All of my current and future projects will be a reflection of this mission.