I am excited to do something I have been terrified my entire life, and that is to be PUBLIC!
But I am facing my fears and I have many topics I want to discuss and I hope you all join me for some videos on the things I love most:
Law of attraction & manifesting
Inspiration / motivation
My art updates and progress
My struggles with self-worth, self-esteem and self-love (it's about to get REAL!)
My journey growing my art business-things I've learned and things that haven't worked (the struggle is REAL!)

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I hope to make more videos in 2020.


Emotional Badass: Exploring personal power
​By Nikki Eisenhauer
​Episode 82


Emotional Badass: Deja Osbourne interview, oracle cards, finding the time to focus on you.
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​Episode 8


Conscious Life Space Podcast
By Amy Adams
Episode 12: Design of a different kind inspired by life and the need for self-care