Love Story Oracle PRE-ORDER
Love Story Oracle PRE-ORDER

Love Story Oracle PRE-ORDER

In development. Shipping March 2021


Still in progress.

44 card love & romance oracle deck.

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This is a PRE-ORDER and is expected to ship in March or April 2021

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Non USA Customers: If you order multiple products, you will need to wait until they are all in stock so they can ship together.


I just began working on this deck in the beginning of 2020 during the pandemic. Since we had a mandatory lockdown end of March, I decided to start working on this project which I initially planned on working on in 2021. I finished it in November! I wanted to create a love / romance deck that was beautiful and also diverse. The art is great for any gender relationships and can also be used as a regular oracle and each card has positives and negatives and great for intuitive readers.


  • Tarot Size Cards
  • 44 Cards
  • 400 GSM, Matte finish
  • Purple Edging
  • Magnetic Box
  • Guidebook


Prefer to wait until it's in stock? I will send you an email when it's ready to ship.


Thanks to the quarantine, I have a lot more time to sit and create! So I am taking advantage of this time :) Check out my Instagram for all the new art from this deck.

April 2: 4 cards finished
April 7: 9 cards finished
​April 14: 12 cards finished
April 17: 18 cards finished
April 18: 20 cards finished
​April 20: 21 cards finished
May 2: I've taken a break from this deck because I am in the process of switching to Shopify and have to rebuild many webpages. I'm hoping to resume in May/June.
June 16: 35 cards are finished.
August 3: 7 cards left to draw. Then some editing, and revising and guidebook. I already designed the box and chose all the colors for edging and packaging.
August 17: 44 cards are done. I have a few more I want to add and still working on.
September 1: I have finished 45 cards and redid a few previous cards. I may redo a couple of cards...allowing myself time to think about it and waiting for inspiration.
October 1: I will begin working on the guidebook and order a sample as soon as possible.
November 13: Sorry for such a long time of no updates! The cards are finished and now I am working on the guidebook. Card samples have printed and are on their way to me. Hoping to go to production in December! Will collect pre-orders on Kickstarter on November 14-Dec 5.
Dec 5: We've successfully raised money on Kickstarter to produce this deck! I am still finishing the guidebook. As soon as it's finished, we are going to production!

January 5, 2021: Guidebook is finished! Production will begin soon! Shipping is estimated early March or April.

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