Love Story Oracle
Love Story Oracle

Love Story Oracle

Still in development. Estimated in stock Late 2020 / Early 2021


Still in progress.

44 card love & romance oracle deck.

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I just began working on this deck in the beginning of 2020. The name of this deck is subject to change. I am not sure how this project will evolve or change as I continue to work on it. I will any updates or new art for this deck on my social media channels (links at the bottom of this page). I am aiming to make this not just a romance oracle deck, but a deck you can use for all relationships, we will see if that can be accomplished!


Thanks to the quarantine, I have a lot more time to sit and create! So I am taking advantage of this time :) Check out my Instagram for all the new art from this deck.

April 2: 4 cards finished
April 7: 9 cards finished
​April 14: 12 cards finished
April 17: 18 cards finished
April 18: 20 cards finished
​April 20: 21 cards finished
May 2: I've taken a break from this deck because I am in the process of switching to Shopify and have to rebuild many webpages. I'm hoping to resume in May/June.