Visualization Guide

Please note that apps and software change over time and some of these may not work in the future. All of these tips work as of 2019.


There are several easy ways to create a visualization video. The purpose of this video is to create a slideshow of photos with inspirational music in it. You can watch this video as a way to motivate yourself towards your goals and desires. Seeing photos can be very stimulating for many people especially if you struggle using your imagination.


This is for those who don't wish to create a video. You can create a visualization binder. You can buy a binder for as little as $1. Get some clear sleeves and begin collecting photos from magazines of all the things you dream of. Going through this binder should make you feel good, inspired and excited. Flip through it as often as you'd like. You can add drawings, photos, memories, collages, and whatever you'd like.


One of the easiest ways to create a slideshow on any iPhone is to create a photo album in your photos app then select all photos in that album (dedicated just towards your dreams and goals) and click the up arrow and then "Slideshow". A slideshow movie begins to play with all the photos in that album. On the bottom right corner, you can click on options and change the music or the layout of the photos.


iMovie is a free app that comes on all apple computers and it's fairly simple to use by simply dragging and dropping photos and music into your new movie. You can find a tutorial on how to use iMovie on Youtube. You can then export it into a file to keep on your phone, computer or even put it on Youtube.


Depending on your phone, you will need to look in the app store to see what apps you can use to create a slideshow with photos.


If nothing above helps, go on Youtube and search "how to create a slideshow video with pictures and sound." or "how to make a visualization video" They have many tutorials for many different apps and programs of your choosing.