Retailer Resources

Welcome Retailers & Vendors!

I am excited and grateful that you have chosen to sell my products. I created this page to help as much as I could with selling, especially if you are new to selling online. If there is ever anything you'd need help with please let me know. You can ship however you'd like of course, this is  just what I've been using in case you were wondering. You can get these products outside of Amazon of course, they do not have to be these exact products.


My shipping products:

I prefer using cardboard boxes/mailers to ship because they are recycle-able and they protect the deck better than bubble mailers which I used to use when I first started out.

Box: Holds 1 deck. 6" X 4" X 2"


Box: Holds 2 decks. 9" Length x 6-1/2" Width x 1-3/4"


Bubble Mailer. Fits 1 deck. 6"x10" They come in many colors.

Holds 1 deck but decks can get damaged during shipping.


Tissue Packing Paper. This is recycle-able unlike bubble wrap.

Printing Labels

Label printer (never needs ink, it prints with thermal temperature)

Refill Labels:

Product Weight:

Personal Power Deck: 7.7 oz

My Quality Time Self-Care Cards: 7.2 oz

Manifest Success Cards: 10 oz



Product Specs: