I first learned about up-leveling about a year ago when I took the Manifestation Babe Academy course. But then I had forgotten about it.


And then in August things sort of came crashing down in my business (in my mind) and I started searching for spiritual help. I started pulling oracle card for myself asking what I needed to learn and what I needed to do in order to clear this situation. 


One important thing to know is that a lot of times, we manifest this “tower” moment in our life. And it usually occurs after things are going too well for us. Somewhere deep down we are afraid of something going wrong or even waiting for it. Maybe we have the new boyfriend and good job and we’re not used to things working out so we’re already thinking about the “what if?”  What if he leaves me? What if I get fired? What if my business fails? What if I lose all my money?


This is exactly what happened to me. My business was doing well and I was excited about the future. I had hit my previous monthly goal and was now trying to hit my next goal. I was making consistent sales effortlessly and I started to freak out. “What if this doesn’t last?” “What if my facebook ad account gets disabled and I stop making sales and cannot find new customers?” I had heard this happens randomly to people who don’t break any of their guidelines and I was terrified this would happen to me. That is exactly what happened. Almost immediately actually. My account go disabled without a warning (or suspended as people say) I didn’t know what I did wrong and I absolutely had a melt down. My sales stopped. I now had to rely on organic sales which I had no luck with for years which is why I decided to invest in paid advertising. I of course tried to appeal but I had to wait for their decision.


I had no idea my fear was going to manifest so fast. In fact, I thought it was a coincidence. But on a spiritual level I knew it was happening for a reason and I needed to know why. I felt if I could figure our what Spirit was trying to tell me, I would break free and go to normal. That’s when I began to see the name of a book over and over in 1 day so I searched for it and sure enough, I had already purchased it years ago in my kindle and never read it. So I started reading it immediately. That book is the "Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks

I also asked fellow entrepreneurs if they had ever experienced an up-level and what it looked like and they all described what I was going through: set backs, challenges, discomfort, feeling terrified, worrying, things not working out etc. Chaotic. So I prayed that this was not the end of my business but rather an up-level. If you’re still unclear what I mean by up-level, it means you take a giant leap forward in your life or business. A huge step forward. Financially it can look like doubling or tripling your income in 1 month. Or going from nobody to tons of clients reaching out and wanting to work with you. In this huge moment of uncertainty and feeling out of control, I meditated a lot, I listened to my guides and paid attention to anything I needed to do. I invested in multiple courses. Then finally, things went back to normal and I felt in control again. But a few weeks later, it happened. That up-level I had again forgotten about. I had almost tripled my income in 1 month. People started reaching out to me with business opportunities or answering my enquiries. I won a free akashic business reading. All of that in 1 week.


Up-levels happen more than once. It means you‘ve outgrown an old version of yourself and you’re ready for more. And sometimes, big shifts need to happen in order to help you take that big leap.


So the next time you feel like you’re out of control and things feel like they are crashing, tune in to that guidance because it may just be the biggest opportunity of your life.


Have you ever had an up-level or experienced something similar? Let me know, I'd love to hear about your experience!

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